Hotmail Login


In order to be able to sign in Hotmail, you should go to the Internet domain .Once the website has loaded, you will be able to see the following: Hotmail Login

As you can see, on the right hand side of the web you can see two boxes where your sign in data should be input. These are your username and your password. Once this has been written, you will need to press the button that says “Sign in”. If your input data matches the records, you will immediately access the Outlook Inbox folder.

I Can’t Sign in Hotmail

Sometimes, you will not be able to access your email account. The most common thing happening in these cases is that you may have forgotten or lost your current password. In this case, Outlook offers great support to their customers and the first thing you should do is click on the button that says “Can’t access your account?”. Once you have clicked here, you will see the following options:

You should choose the option that adapts better to your situation and click on the “Continue” button. You will then be redirected to the next section, where Microsoft has developed some easy to follow steps to recover your email account access.

If the main problem was that you had lost your password, you will now have the option to set a new one by using your alternative email account or your phone number as an ID recognizer. These personal data should have been added when you were creating your Hotmail email account. A confirmation code will be sent either by email or by text and then by typing that code in, you will be able to reset your password.

Microsoft allows us to recover our password as many times as needed, but we would suggest you that once this has happened once, you make sure you do not forget or lose your password again.