Contacts from social networks with Hotmail


As synchronize your contacts from social networks with besides being a great tool to send and receive emails, it offers many possibilities as users sometimes do not know.

In this guide, we show you how in a few steps, you can integrate social networks that you use with

After logging into your email account Hotmail or, you must go to the arrow next to the Outlook logo in the upper left of your screen.

Once deployed, the menu should select the “Contacts” option and the following screen where you can choose the icons or social networks that want to integrate open.

After performing these actions, you must give the appropriate permissions according to the social network you’re configuring. But everything is very simple.

The possibilities to integrate accounts are many, including seeing tweets or Facebook posts in your inbox, chat with your Facebook or Google + from or see updates your professional contacts Linkedin.

Already you synced your Outlook? Leave your comment telling us if it was you easy setup and if you find it useful.