How To Use Hotmail Mobile/Phone Platforms


Hotmail for mobile phones and tablets:
When you want to use your Gmail via a mobile phone or your tablet, we’ll explain how to do it? Login Hotmail from Android, iPhone or any device you have.

Hotmail Mobile For Android Smartphones and tablets:
Hotmail sign in with your Android device
If you want to enter Hotmail with your Android device, you need to download Hotmail Android app to your Android device. Please follow the steps below to learn how to Hotmail Sign in with your mobile device.
Go Play Android Store and search for “Outlook Mobile App” on Android Play Store and download your phone
Application settings. to your device and run the application.
Login to your hotmail account / Outlook and Outlook will synchronize your email and all content automatically.

If you want to connect your Hotmail Account with your Android Tablet:

First step is go setting > email > add account on your device.
Then enter your hotmail account and password then setup.
“in what type of account is this?” Click “Exchange”
If you see any fields about domain, please dont edit and if you see any field that ask for usename enter your Hotmail account id and continue.
Another step is password. Enter your password.
The server name is ““
Before clicking “next” don’t forget to click “SSL check box.”
Select your account then click next.
the latest step is, if everythink you made correct you will see “done” botton.
Your Hotmail sign in steps is over. You can use your account and write emails.

Hotmail mobile For Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch:

Go to “App Market” on your ios device
Searc “Outlook App” and find official otlook app.
Install the Outlook App to your ios device and run the app.
Then selecet the account that you want to add your ios device.
The latest step is, Sign in to your hotmail/Outlook account and the application will sync. automaticly.

But if you dont want to download outlook app to your device, lets see what can u do?

In your ios device Go to setting –>mail, contact, calendar settings– > Add account > Hotmail Account.
For setup the account, enter your hotmail Account details.
The choose the settings that you want to sync. and continue.
The latest step is your Hotmail/Outlook Account is ready to use in your ios device.

How to Sign in Hotmail with Windows Pc and Phones? is already sync. with windows. Because of Hotmail is already produced by Microsoft Corp. but if you want to use hotmail email with your Windows Phone device lets see how can u setup and use.

But u have to be careful, Because if you have Windows phone 8.1 device click outlook, or if you have Windows phone 7.8 device click windows live. Because Windows Phone 7.8 is have old version. Lets see how to setup.

Go to Settings on your device– > email and accounts settings
Click add account tab.
Choose Microsoft account
Enter your hotmail account details
If everything is right. You will see Done message. And your Hotmail sign in for Windows Phone is ready.