Hotmail setup to download emails using Windows Live Mail


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I do not know but I think there is no certain limit (as long as there is a fair amount). For example, I have a few more Hotmail account in the email client – one is a personal account and the other is for my business. So you can set up more than one Hotmail account in Windows Live Mail.
Windows Live Mail the latest email client from Microsoft, is the successor to their popular Outlook Express. With the continuous development and support for older programs, the company recommends that users of Windows XP and Vista operating systems to download and install Windows Live Mail because it allows multiple account settings including those from Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.
Hotmail Windows Live Mail settings on a three-step process is very simple. Since the two products from the same company, you need very basic information to download Hotmail emails to your computer.
Set up online accounts on your Hotmail Windows Live Mail
Start your email program – if you do not have it, refer to how to download and install Windows Live Mail on your system.
Add a button to your e-mail in Windows Live Mail e-mail program
Click on “Add an e-mail account” or click “Tools” -> “Account” -> “Add” -> “E-mail Account” -> “Next”.
In the pop-up, enter your Hotmail email address (full address), account password and display name. Display name may be a name or whatever you want to your own. Leave the “Configure server settings for e-mail accounts” alone – make sure there is no check mark in the box! Now move to the next screen.

Acclaim! Set up your Hotmail account in Windows Live Mail is absolutely … yes, that’s it!
From the confirmation screen, you can also choose to set this Hotmail account as the default in Windows Live Mail program. Click on “Finish” when done. Technically, Hotmail established a single step and not a 3-step process as I mentioned at the top!
Note: The e-mail program to understand (your email address) which account you’re setting up a Hotmail account and will receive other information such as mail server address, port number, etc. on its own.
Once the account has been set up Hotmail, Windows Live Mail to connect to the server online and trying to get back all your messages. Any folder (even those you have created) will be downloaded along with their email. Therefore, you should see the default folder in Hotmail, and any others that you have created in the email application – refer to the image below.

The main advantage of adding your Hotmail account on Windows Live Mail email client is storing email messages on your computer. So you do not need internet connection to view your old email. Also, if something happens to your online account (it’s been hacked, God forbid), you can rest assured that you have a copy on your computer.

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