Could someone reopen my closed email account?


There are very difficult case for you. Someone impersonating you and account login.

Grace period

For most services, if you log in again using your old name before time runs out, it resets the clock. If you are successfully logged into it, you are obviously not “abandon” it. Even if you go through the steps of a provider to cancel the account, there is usually a grace period then, where you can change your mind, sign and “un-cancel” account.
Things can get a bit confusing when people use multiple services from the same provider. For example, your Microsoft account at the same time is an email account, could your Skype account, your OneDrive account, such as Windows 8.1 and it can even be the account to log computer you. Use any of the housekeeping activities of the entire account. You can not just close your Microsoft email account while keeping your OneDrive account with your email address. The same is often true for all multi-service providers, including Google and Yahoo!.
When you close or give up your account with any online service providers, they often do exactly what you saw in the text Yahoo: after a while they make usernames abandoned your fall and email address available again. With anyone. All someone has to do it sign up and request it.

ClosedWhen account?

If you give up your account, or closed explicitly, then exactly when it returned to the pool is available for many different names.
For example, if you close your account with your ISP, they can actually make your ID available again the next day if they want to – and I’m sure some do.
Most of the free services like Yahoo and others wait at least 30 days and most wait much longer.

What happened?

I believe the closed and abandoned like, and generally follow the same general sequence of events, but remember – this is entirely up to each service provider and are subject to change without warning or notice.
We begin by giving an account. That means you do not use it in any way: you do not log into your account or any services related to the account.
After an interval, the notification service that you did not sign in and review your account to be abandoned. At this point, is typical:
Any emails, files or other items stored in your account is permanently deleted.
Any contacts, friends or a similar list was restored deleted.
At this point your account, effectively, disappear. You can open it by logging in again, but all the data previously stored will be gone.
After an additional period, the service removes the “login to reopen” option entirely. You simply can not get the login ID (eg email addresses) again once this happens.
At the same time, or perhaps after an additional time, this service will release your email address or ID back into the available pool. Now someone – anyone – can go along and ask your old email address and get it.

When someone with your old email address

It is important to realize that when someone appears and requests your old email address and your abandonment, they get a whole new account. Nothing in the account related to the old account, with the exception of the email address ID / login.
Remember that, as part of the process of closing the service deletes all your stuff before they closed it. It’s gone. You can not get it, and this person can also have your old email address.
What they will get any new mail sent to your old email address. Delete your account has to do to “tell the world” that the email address is not you anymore. Even if you tried to broadcast the change, it is very likely that not everyone received the message or update their profile. Chances are your old email address remains in the address book of someone, or put on some mailing list somewhere.
The account holder will receive anything sent to your old address.
And he will send “From:” address your ex.
I hope it’s all OK, because there’s nothing you can do about it.
OK, there is one thing.

Do not close accounts

If the ability of others to receive email was intended for you, but be sent to an email address long-abandoned bother you, then the solution is really quite simple.
Do not abandon it. Do not close it.
Keeping the account open. Check in every so often so that it stays open.
Keep it yours, and you will not have to worry about a thing.

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